The unofficial start to spring

Yes I am aware that it is February 12th, not even Valentine’s Day, and yet, today in my world is the unofficial start to spring.

For today is Truck Day. What is Truck Day you ask? Well, it’s the day that my beloved Boston Red Sox pack up the moving truck full of all the gear they need for spring training and that truck departs Fenway Park (at noon today).

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That beautiful Truck is the start to my spring. Pitchers and Catchers report next week. All position players arrive just a couple days after that. It’s baseball season boys and girls and for me, that means the start of spring.


I love reading. I have always loved reading. When I was a kid, I’d get in trouble (usually for swatting one of my sisters) and my parents would ground me. No phone, no TV, no Nintendo (yes the original, blow on the games Nintendo) no friends, pretty much room only except for meals.

For me, this wasn’t a big deal. I had books. I could easily “kill” a book in an afternoon. Thank goodness for Readmore Books in Taunton, MA. Grandma would take me weekly or biweekly to load up on books. I’d bring in the old, get some credit and get the new. I knew the exact schedule that the Baby Sitters Club came out. It was kind of scary.

This love of reading has never left me. I have left behind the Baby Sitters Club, but not the rate at which I devour books. Because of this, I’ve been looking at the various e-readers on the market.  I love the idea of being able to carry around my entire library.  No more storage issues, cheaper books (which is a huge plus).  It is hard to pay $27.99 for a hardcover new release when I know I’ll be able to finish it in a couple of hours.  $9.99 on the other hand? Sweet.

This leads me to my current dilemma, which e-reader to get? There’s the Kindle by Amazon, the Nook by Barnes and Noble and the various Sony readers.   My research has me torn between the Kindle and the Nook, with various Nook features giving it the edge.  I like that I can replace the Nook’s battery myself (Kindle has a sealed door and it’s a $60 charge for Amazon to do it for you),  I can expand the memory on the Nook (up to 16 GB Micro-SD) while that’s not an option on the Kindle.  One other big selling point are the book formats.  On the Nook, they recognize the format that most libraries use.  Not so much with the Kindle.

I don’t have my mind totally made up, but I seem to be leaning towards the Nook at this point.  This decision is as bad as choosing between Canon and Nikon (I went Canon ;))

An afternoon with the girls

On Saturday, I had the pleasure of getting to scrapbook with three of my scrapping girls – Amy, Maevan and Jessica. There was lots of laughs,  some stuff actually crafted and just a nice day.

Thanks to Jess, I’ll never look at the words “flame retardant” the same way ever again. From telling Amy’s scrapping content to Brian, I have a super jealous fiance.  To round things out, I learned, thanks to Mae that once I have kids, I  can’t like the same music as they do (learned during a conversation on Taylor Swift)

Thank you girls! I can’t wait to do it again soon!!

Confessions of a Scrapbook Supply Addict

Hello, my name is Christina and I am a scrapbook supply addict.

I began scrapping in 1998 and now, here in 2010 I have enough supplies for a small army. This poses a couple of problems for me. 1. Much of it is stuff I will never use on my pages. Ever. It’s pretty. It cost me a lot of money but it’s not my style and I’ll never use it. and 2. which is probably the bigger problem is space.

Our office is a 10×10 room that Brian and I share. We have two desks in here as well as other odds and ends and there just isn’t enough space for 10 lbs of grungeboard, thousands of eyelets, enough patterned paper to wallpaper the entire house (and then some) not to mention tons of punches, a cricut, bind it all, cuttlebug etc.

I know that I need to take a hard look at all of this stuff and make hard decisions because with school, this space isn’t just a creative spot anymore. I need to be able to access the computer and have space to spread out notes and homework from .

To quote Nike, I need to “just do it”

New Semester

Here we are, January. The beginning of a new semester and for me, it’s the first time since I was 20 that I’ll be going to school full time. I’m going to tackle Survey of Calculus, Business Law I, Personnel Administration and Intro to Hospitality Management.

Once I get through Calc, I’ll officially be done with all my pre-reqs. I can’t believe it’s been a year since I dived back in. It hasn’t been easy and Brian has the patience of a saint, but I’m pretty sure I’ll be able to make it through. Well, that is assuming that I manage to pass Calc, which assumes that I remember College Algebra from 11 years ago. EEK!

The first, but not the last

And here I am, blogging. My aim is just to share random tidbits, whether thoughts, photos, craft projects or anything else that happens to jump into my head. So, welcome to the randomness that is Chrislet’s head, I can assure you that it is crazy in there.

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