The Jersey Rules

I’ve been a sports fan pretty much my entire life. Over the past few years I’ve come up with my list of Jersey rules, many of which I saw very broken at the Florida Panthers game tonight.

Here are the rules:

1. The jersey you’re wearing must be of the sport you are attending. I should not be seeing Willie McGinest jerseys at a Panthers vs. Bruins game. There should not be Patriots and Red Sox gear all over the place. Hell, neither team is even in season right now. This leads into rule No. 2

2. The player of the jersey you’re wearing must be a player currently on the team. (So the Willie McGinest reference above? Wouldn’t have been acceptable even at a Patriots game). There is one exception to this rule. That would be a player who played the majority of his career with your team and retired with your team (So wearing a Larry Bird jersey to a Celtics game – acceptable. Wearing a Manny Ramirez jersey to a Red Sox game – not acceptable).

This rule is one that bugs me the most. If a player was traded during the season, fine, ride out the rest of the season in your jersey, that’s cool. However, if a player has been gone since 2006, it really is time to invest in a new jersey. It’s not cool, it’s not retro, it’s kind of sad. Get a jersey for someone who is actually wearing your team colors now!  (I say this as I have a No. 7 Trot Nixon and a No. 50 Mike Vrabel collecting dust in my closet. Neither fit the rules, so they cannot be worn. However, my No. 54 Tedy Bruschi, he’s available for select appearances.)

Just one other tidbit of fandom – if you are a fan of a visiting team, support your team, I’m fine with that, I get it. However, if you are a pink hat fan, don’t be screaming go No. 40 what-ever-your-name is. Seriously? If you’re going to be a bandwagon fan of a team, please at least learn the name of your goalie.

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